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Holt Anatomical  

Authorized Somso Distributor for Over 20 Years

Debra Holt, the Founder of Holt Anatomical, Inc. conducted anatomical research and development at Columbia University Medical School during the 1980's and she created the Facial Anatomical Skull. With Holt’s growing interest within the medical and educational industry, she opened Holt Anatomical, Inc. to provide customers with the best quality anatomical, zoological and botanical models. For over 20 years, the company has grown to be the leading supplier of the best quality teaching aids with providing excellent support and customer service.  Holt's staff values every customer and we are happy to serve your needs with providing the best prices and service.

Holt Anatomical is located in Miami, Florida, and the company sells products to customers worldwide. As an Authorized Somso Distributor for over 20 years, we have consistently sold the finest collection of anatomical, zoological, and botanical models to a wide variety of customers. Our customers include health care professionals in any area including medical institutions, universities, schools, students, ministries and authorities of health and education, hospitals, practitioners - doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and others; educational and medical distributors, governmental agencies, fire departments, armed forces; and the pharmaceutical industry as well as professionals for use in other areas for legal cases and for study and collection purposes. Holt Anatomical provides excellent customer service and guarantees the best prices and maintains a full inventory of Somso models to suit your requests for immediate delivery. For over a century, SOMSO offers the finest quality collection of over 1,000 anatomical, zoological, and botanical models that are used for teaching aids and scientific demonstration throughout the world. Somso’s experience with manufacturing superior quality models that are highly durable and anatomically accurate enables students to experience models that are the truest forms to nature.


Holt Anatomical is also an authorized distributor of Denoyer and 3B models. Please view our website for a selection of models used for teaching aids and scientific demonstration. With the wide selection of models, we strive to provide and meet the customer’s request with “Holt’s Best Prices Guaranteed Policy”. We will Beat any competitor’s pricing. We look forward to your Toll Free Call 800-642-4658 (HOLT) or Call Worldwide at 305-576-5640 or Email Holt Anatomical’s Sales Department at the “Contact Us” link or Fax a Purchase Order to 305-576-5642. For speedy processing and immediate delivery of your transaction, please use the credit card option with your Shopping Cart or Quote Page for your Quote or Purchase Order Request.

We look forward to serve your requests and appreciate your business!

Holt Antomical donates a percentage of the company's profits to non-profit institutions who minister spirituality and provide for the underprivileged. 

Holt Anatomical
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