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SOMSO produces the finest quality collection of models that are used for teaching throughout the world. With over 1,000 anatomical, zoological, and botanical models, most experts recognize Somso as the ultimate for teaching aids and scientific demonstration. Somso has the experience of manufacturing the very best quality models that are highly durable and the most anatomically correct. Somso models are superbly instructive and accurate, with superior quality enabling students to experience models that are the truest forms to nature.

Every Somso model demonstrates the commitment to the highest standards of scientific accuracy and artistry. All models are assembled and painted by hand so that each piece is a unique work of art, accurate down to the finest anatomical detail and paint work. The highly durable base material of Somso-Plast is virtually unbreakable.

WE GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICES! Holt Anatomical guarantees to provide the best quality models and service. As a Somso distributor for 20 years, we are excited to serve our customers. We guarantee the best prices and have a full stock of inventory to suit your requests.


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